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Joy No. 36: Purple food

I have an unexplained attraction to purple food. Is this normal? My mom has it too. She buys eggplants just because they’re gorgeous. I think she cooks them up and eats them, and when I buy them I usually do too. There have been times, though, that I’ve allowed them to sit beautifully in the kitchen for just a little bit too long … That’s no good.

Recently a friend told me how good beets are for us. I still haven’t researched exactly why, but I was happy to believe her and went that very day to buy two bunches of the heavy purple roots. We ate them right away, including the greens, and the next time I was at the store I bought more. I saw some red (actually purple) cabbages nearby, so I bought one of those too.

I have to admit that I had been enjoying looking at them in the crisper but had not been inspired to cook them up. Until today. I saw Joy the Baker’s post about black bean and sweet potato tacos — and it called for red cabbage! Check out her photos. Our supper looked just like that. Gorgeous. Festive.

Now about those lovely beets …


3 responses to “Joy No. 36: Purple food

  1. I’ll have to teach you how to make the beets they had at MASOS. Yum!!!

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