Joy No. 37: Strikes and spares

The little guy was safely ensconced with friends, and the big guy announced we were going bowling.

Bowling? We hadn’t bowled more than once together ever, and I hadn’t gone bowling in at least a decade, but OK! We had a couple of hours to spare — ha ha.

So off we went to Big Al’s, where we got our shoes, our lane, our beer and pizza. (All we needed were monogrammed shirts and custom bowling balls.) Both of us actually hit some strikes and spares … one of us more than the other. I lost both games.

Bowling seemed so much easier than I remembered. I think it had something to do with becoming a parent. After dealing with public tantrums and other situations, it seemed like nothing to roll a ball down an aisle and knock over a few pins.

Unrelated bonus joy: cool carrot


Joy No. 8: Free yoga

As we ramp up for Labor Day weekend, celebrating the worker, the doer, I’ve been thinking about the old saw that says we’re not human doings, we’re human beings. (Maybe that’s the point of the weekend anyway. Why else would they make Monday, Labor Day, a day on which most people are supposed to take a break from their labor?)

Today I worked on my human being-ness by doing yoga while the little guy napped. Sure, yoga requires a person to do something, but it is a great break from the have-to-dos of life. Ah, joy.

(If you’re interested, check out‘s free 20-minute podcasts (donations appreciated), which  include pose guides and, for some, video presentations.)